The Second Conference of "Belt and Road" Medical Device Innovation and Application was convened in USST
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November 18, 2021

   Themed by “Make concerted innovative efforts, Jointly safeguard the human health, Co-build the shared community for medical devices”The Second Conference of Belt and Road Medical Device Innovation and Application is scheduled to be convened on 18th November in the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST)


    Belt and Road Medical Device Innovation and Application Conference is an annual event for the medical device industry in China and the countries along the Belt and Road. The diversified activities include the BRMDIA council meeting, medical device innovation and application forum, exhibition of innovative medical enterprises, products and projects, release of the latest medical device and other important items. The Pre-conference training is also a shining lightspot, covering many key areas in the development of medical devices. In 2021 Pre-conference medical device full process innovation training, famous specialists, college professors had a deep insight into such great topics as The performance and application of Medical polyurethane; Development of Medical Device CDMO; The prospect of embedded computing technology in future medical application scenarios ;Numerical simulation accelerates medical device innovation;Digitization energizes the “Intelligent transformation”of medical industry;sk control and material selection of biomedical polymer material.


   At the Second Conference of Belt and Road Medical Device Innovation and Application Forum, five keynote speakers made fabulous keynote speeches

   Prof. Cheng Yunzhang made analysis on the contribution of medical device enterprises' products in the Belt and Road countries

   Fan Xiaodong, head of the National Technical and Economical Research Group for Medical Devices,Outlook on the development trend of medical equipment innovation in the 14th Five-year Plan of China;

   Mao Chenbin from the State Drug Administration;Interpretation of the newly implemented Regulations on supervision and management of Medical Device;

   Professor Rustan Rahimov, National Academy of Sciences of UzbekistanDirector of the first laboratory of Institute of Materials Science, elaborated the topic:Broad prospects of functional ceramic infrared radiation and resonance therapy in the medical industry

   The speeches were greatly appraised by the viewers at the main venue and through online.


   The conference witnessed the signing ceremonies for strategic partnership in the fields of high-end medical equipment manufacturing, digital transformation, cultivation of medical professionals, innovation coordination in medical robots, cardiovascular intervention etc.

   Leaders from Shanghai High-end Medical Equipment Innovation Center, China National Medical Device Co. Ltd., Shanghai Shenkang Hospital Development Center, Shanghai Drug Administration, Technology Progress Division of Shanghai Economic and Information Commission were present at the conference and extended their warm congratulations on the congress and forum.

   Human health is inseparable from medical treatment while the progress of healthcare can’t grow without the self-innovation of medical devices.

   The Belt and Road Medical Device Innovation and Application Alliance, integrated as one with Shanghai high-end Medical Equipment Innovation Center and Yangtze River Delta High-end Medical Equipment Innovation Alliance, will promote complementary development, aiming at the cutting-edge technology of high-end medical equipment, resolving common problems in the industry, and actively building an industrial ecology system that integrates the innovation chain, industrial chain and value chain of medical equipment and driving its leap-forward development.         

   The Belt and Road Medical Device Innovation and Application Alliance will strengthen cooperation and international communication and docking, explore the technological innovation, product innovation, model innovation, and exert efforts to be important forces to promote the development of high-end medical equipment innovation in and out of China.


   The Alliance has now registered 109 member units covering 20 countries (regions), including China, Singapore, Pakistan, South Korea, Malaysia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Romania, The Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Serbia, Israel, Italy, Sweden, Holland, Brazil, Canada and the United States.